About us



The words of owner Elizabeth Amador

I grew up in Tepic, near Nuevo Puerto Vallarta in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. Fiestas seemed to happen one after the other from my childhood memories. These are the inspiration for the name of my new restaurant, Fiesta Bonita. As the oldest of the seven sisters, my mother taught me how to cook and of course make tortillas from scratch.  The items on my new menu reflect the style of cooking from the area in Mexico where I grew up. The arroz con Pollo for example. The only difference being, in Mexico we only eat chicken with the bone in. 

 After high school in Mexico, I explored career options and applied to law school. I was accepted but due to our financial situation, I was unable to attend.  My family was going through hard times so I made the decision to come to the United States to work so I could save money then go back to Mexico to finish school. My family needed my support however so that dream was forgone to help my sisters continue their own educations. I took English classes in the United States and graduated from beauty school. I worked three jobs during that time, as a hostess at Azteca, at a salon and at a deli. I met my husband during that time as well, he was studying to be a chef at Azteca. We’ve now been married 24 years and have three wonderful bilingual children who are my life.  One son is in the Marines, Our second son in high school, and our daughter in elementary school. After 16 years in the restaurant business, I now own two Mexican restaurants. La Costs in Vancouver, WA and the former Azteca, recently renamed Fiesta Bonita in Kelso, WA. When my family has holiday meals at home, I try to incorporate traditional Mexican favorites as well as American dishes. We often celebrate Mexican as well as American holidays. It often feels like we are celebrating the countless fiestas of my childhood. 

 I have carried my family to traditions and consolidated them into our amazing American customs as well. My culture is full of color, family value and most of all, muchas Fiestas Bonitas!